GFS Holiday House

House Holiday House is owned by GFS in the Diocese of Pennsylvania and is the last of over 30 such GFS houses and lodges which existed in the early 1900’s. Offering sea breezes, porches with rocking chairs,  pleasant rooms, two daily meals, and a warm and friendly atmosphere, it is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day with single, double and triple occupancy rooms for individuals, families and Christian affiliated organizations. Maximum occupancy is 42.

Located in the Historic District of Cape May, it has 4 floors; on the first floor you will find a living room, parlor, a dining room that seats 60, fully equipped kitchen and cozy chapel. GFS branches and dioceses hold summer retreats at Holiday House. Senior GFS girls can work in the dining room and kitchen as a summer job. For more information, call 610-715-4433 or email