What are GFS Ambassadors?

GFS Ambassadors are GFs members between the age of 18-30 who have registered to participate in Ambassador programming.

Why did you form the GFS Ambassadors?

This group was formed to close the age gap between senior girls and adult members with the goal to create an environment that was more likely to produce new leaders. It was also formed with the understanding that transitioning high school graduates, college students and working professionals could benefit from renewed and continuous support from GFS. Supporting young women preparing to enter a working society aligns with Gfs’ founding principles created by Elizabeth Townsend in 1875.

What is the age group for Ambassadors?

The age Group for Ambassadors is 18-30.

What is the focus of Ambassadors?

The focus of GFS Ambassadors aligns with the Four Pillars of GFS/USA: Study, service, worship and Play. Each pillar is significant in our focus of creating a well-rounded program for our young women. The GFS Motto is “Bear ye One Another’s Burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” and through each pillar, we strive to do so. Our focus is on supporting and uplifting young women in GFS through a variety of outlets. 

What is the commitment level if I register as an ambassador?

No activities created for Ambassadors are mandatory. Being peers, we understand the level of commitment being put into other aspects of your life. Once registered as an ambassador, all activities are shared with you, and it is up to you what you decide to participate in. For our program to be most fulfilling, we recommend trying out activities that touch on all 4 pillars of GFS.

What can I expect from an ambassador meeting?

Our typical Ambassador meetings have been roughly an hour and all virtual. During Social meetings, we just spend time catching up! Whether inviting someone new into GFS or catching up with old friends, this bonding time has been important in creating a safe space to talk in our book clubs and is just fun! During book clubs, we still take time to connect before moving onto discussions on chapters read. At all times, our meetings are meant to be comfortable, open, safe spaces for our members. 

What are the benefits of registering to be an ambassador?

-Stay or become involved with GFS by receiving email communications on what we and GFS/uSA are doing.

-We can assist you in keeping in touch with your former branch or connecting with a GFS branch near you.

-Reconnect and Create new Friends by participating in social meetups, service projects, as well as opportunities to worship and learn together. We mean it. Our “Girl Gang” is awesome and will add a new level of support to your life!

-Be eligible to attend diocesan, National and World Council events.

-Be eligible to participate in the GFS World Joy Upton Exchange Program

How do GFS Ambassadors communicate?

All official communication is through email and through our Private Facebook Group which you will be invited to once registered.

How do I become an ambassador?

Easy! Our registration form is on the GFS website GFSUS.org in the teens and Up section.  If you have any questions before signing up, we are happy to talk to you. We are always excited for new ideas and new friends! Our email address is Ambassadors@gfsus.org