Are you an older teen or young adult and want to join or continue to be active in GFS? Become a GFS Ambassador!

GFS Ambassador membership is for young women between the ages of 18-30. It is a new way to connect with the GFS-USA organization and benefit from our many resources. Tell your friends!

As graduating high schoolers, college students, and working professionals, we know you are busy, but it is not hard to be an active ambassador.

As an ambassador, you can:

  • Stay or become involved with GFS by receiving email communications
  • Keep in touch with your former branch by attending events when you are able
  • Reconnect and create new friends by participating in workshops, day or weekend trips, and service projects
  • Gain access to a LARGE network of professional women
  • Be eligible to attend National and World Council events
  • Be eligible to participate in the GFS World Joy Upton Exchange Programme

It’s easy to get started! Please fill out the information form below.

Questions??? Contact the Ambassador Committee at

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