Photo of GFS DirectorTracy-Ann Wilson Background Information

I found Girls’ Friendly Society, affectionately known as GFS at what I would consider the right time.  Migrating from Jamaica to the US, I felt lost and out of place.  I left my friends and the groups I had loved and participated in behind.  GFS was introduced to me, and immediately I felt at home.  I found GFS as a place to fellowship with other girls while having fun, and truth be told, it was all about having fun for me.  I also found endless support, and love from the late Mrs. Viola Tapper and, my current branch advisor Shirley Brown.  However, with my transition from a senior member to a leader, and the loss of Mrs. Tapper, it became more than just fun for me.  It became a place where I wanted to give back to the younger generations; a place where I can return the love, support, and encouragement I received from those two phenomenal women.   I am now a member of the national board, and I know Mrs. Tapper is smiling down on me with proud in her eyes.  GFS is my heart; I sometimes make jokes saying, I bleed blue and white.  I cannot imagine my life without GFS and my sisters.