Branch programs seek a balance of worship, study, service, and recreational activities. Study can include activities such as Bible study, book circles, and written programs. Two sets of written programs are available for GFS branch use. The Teddy Bear Program is for “members in waiting” and the badge program is for girls age 5 and up.


Teddy Bear Program

The Teddy Bear Program is a special set of lessons for “GFS Girls-In-Waiting”, girls under the age of 5, who will soon be able to become official members of GFS. Use this program for girls who are young in years or young in maturity and are not yet able to sit through an extended lesson.

Badge Program

Girls love earning badges as they learn about the Bible, the church and important Christian leaders through the Badge Program. Many leaders like to use the program because it enhances the girls understanding of many church topics and provides them with a sense of accomplishment.