This is what you can expect when you join a GFS branch:

An Organization for Girls – This means the needs of girls will be thoroughly considered when activities are planned. Members will be involved in planning so that their interests will be included.

Dedicated Leaders – GFS leaders are passionate about sharing their gifts of time and talent with their members. Every leader brings her unique abilities, joy and faith when sharing God’s love through fellowship and activities.

Fellowship – Outings and activities will be planned which allow girls to have fun with each other and will allow them to feel safe and open with one another. Respect for confidentiality will be taught.

Service Opportunities – Helping others allows girls to learn new skills and to feel important and significant. Opportunities to serve others will be provided on a regular basis.

Faith and Worship – GFS is a faith based organization and girls will be allowed to worship and pray on a regular basis.

Study – Activities will be provide so girls can learn about the church, the Bible and the world around them.

Inclusiveness – Every girl, age 5 and up, is welcome.

Connections to other communities, locally and globally – Activities with GFS branches in other localities, states and countries allows girls to meet like-minded girls from varying socioeconomic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds.

What is a branch?

The GFS organization at a church is called a “branch”. There should be a very close relationship between the branch and the church. The Parish Priest, Advisory Committee, Vestry and as many resource people in the congregation as possible should plant the program together in order to provide opportunities for active participation in the parish family life.

Branches have many or few members. There is no minimum requirement of girls to establish a branch. Branches can meet as often as every few weeks, either on a weekday or weekend. There should be two adults present during meetings, one of whom should be a member of The Episcopal Church.

Leaders can find useful resources for establishing and leading a branch under the Leader Resources menu.

Teddy Bear Program

The Teddy Bear Program is a special set of lessons for “GFS Girls-In-Waiting”, girls under the age of 5, who will soon be able to become official members of GFS. Use this program for girls who are young in years or young in maturity and are not yet able to sit through an extended lesson.

Badge Program

Girls love earning badges as they learn about the Bible, the church and important Christian leaders through the Badge Program. Many leaders like to use the program because it enhances the girls understanding of many church topics and provides them with a sense of accomplishment.