Lydia Kugler Background Information

I have been involved with GFS for 14 years.  Not being a cradle Episcopalian, I had not been exposed to GFS as a young girl and, in fact, knew very little about the group until I began looking for an organization for my 5 year old daughter. I wanted an organization that would help her overcome shyness, help her build confidence, and one that would have of core of faith.  I found The Girls’ Friendly Society.  Slowly we be both became involved. I began as a mothers’ helper at the meetings and then moved into a leader position.

Watching my daughter, as well as the other young girls, develop into confident, kind, caring young women has been a reward that has no boundaries. Since GFS welcomes girls from all faith backgrounds, our branch includes some girls who have never been exposed to religion. We work together to guide them to respect and participate in activities that may take them out of their comfort zone.  We teach them there is beauty in our differences, and God loves us all.

I am involved because I believe in this organization and the benefits it provides to young girls during crucial developmental phases in their lives.  I have seen it take shy girls to confident leaders in their church and community.  In this crazy world, GFS is a constant. It is my hope that GFS will continue to thrive locally, nationally and worldwide to guide young girls and women to be all they want to be, always surrounded by love, understanding and faith