Photo of GFS DirectorJulie Almont Background Info

Fifteen years ago, I attended a Sponsors Weekend of Retreat and Fellowship at Holiday House in Cape May, New Jersey. That weekend I discovered the mission of GFS and the vision of the Pennsylvania women to grow their organization. As stewards of Holiday House, they were looking for volunteers who could bring some business insight to their group. Given my years of executive leadership and training, I knew that I had been called to serve. I soon found myself leading fund raisers and writing policies and procedures for managing and working at Holiday House. I created learning programs for the Youth Staff who come to serve at the house. Being a part of their journey has been my greatest blessing! Currently, I am touring branches and offering sessions on leadership development. Since retiring, I am consulting with business leaders and colleges. But, my relationships with the women of GFS and working with the members continues to bless my life with God’s goodness and joy!