Join Us

Visiting a GFS meeting, service activity, or retreat day is a great way to find out how membership in GFS can impact your life. Come with a friend or family member. Find a branch in your area or send an inquiry to

Membership is open to all girls and young women of any race, religion or ethnic group from age 5 through 30. As the organization is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, members, parents and guardians should be aware that activities do include Christian worship and service within the Episcopal Church. Nevertheless, a girl does not have to be a church member to join.

Requirements for Formal Admission

To be formally admitted to the branch, a member must:

The Branch Advisor will organize an Admission Service with the assistance of the parish priest to which family and friends may be invited.

Levels of Membership and Uniform

The branch may be divided into the following suggested age groups:

  • Juniors: 5 – 11 years
  • Intermediates: 11 – 14 years
  • Seniors: 14 – 21 years
  • Ambassadors: 18 – 30 years

Members are encouraged to wear the GFS uniform of white shirt and navy skirt or pants. In some dioceses, scarves or vests are available to complete the uniform. It is not necessary to wear the uniform to meetings; however, it is required at certain special events.