Be A Leader

GFS leaders are women who see that the young people of our church need love, time, and attention. If you become a leader, you will reap as much as you sow. It takes just a small commitment to make a difference in girls’ lives by showing them how important their faith formation is to you.

Leader Requirements and Responsibilities

Each branch must have an Advisor and a Leader. An Advisor is the primary leader of the branch and must be a communicant of the Episcopal Church and approved by the parish priest to lead the branch. She provides oversight and planning for the branch. A Leader leads meetings. Additional Assistant Leaders can be appointed as needed.  A woman may be both an Advisor and a Leader

All leaders and advisors are responsible for the welfare of each every girl. GFS-USA requires that leaders who work with the girls receive Safe Church Training to prevent sexual misconduct and keep a current certificate on file at their parish.

A good Christian leader is always growing as a person and in her relationship with God. She has the strength of her Christian convictions. She is honest, sincere, kind, and straightforward. She appreciates the rights and needs of others.

Effective Planning

Many tools and tips are available in the Leader Resource section of this website.

Portrait of a Branch Leader

As a branch leader, you hold a special position of responsibility.  It is your role to influence the group toward the achievement of their goals. This involves understanding what is important to each girl and creating an environment in which she can learn and grow.

As a leader you will be developing and exercising leadership skills that will include decision making, problem solving and resource development. You will be directive and supportive. As such, you should be open to new ideas and willing to challenge and be challenged.

Part of your responsibility is to be aware that the girls in your group are growing, energetic, and inquiring. It is important to recognize each girl as a whole person with unique intellectual and physical abilities, personality traits, emotional states and maturity levels shaped by her background and experiences.

Thus, for you and the girls, recognition of individual aspirations, abilities, and home environments is necessary. Listening, respecting each other’s rights, understanding needs and interests, and growing in spirit and knowledge should be goals mutually shared by you and the girls.