Delores Alleyne Background Information

As a life-long resident of New Haven, Connecticut I began my Christian journey by attending Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church at a young age and began my wonderful journey with the Girls Friendly Society at eight years old and have continued my affiliation with the organization for 67 years. Three generations have been active members of the GFS ministry. As a teenager I had the honor of becoming a GFS G3, dedicating three years of service to GFS. I then served as a GFS Summer Opportunity Youth doing missionary work in California. As a young adult, I was appointed to serve on the National Board. I have served in many capacities on the Branch level, Diocesan, and National levels. I hold a BS Degree in Education and have done extensive work in the community in which I live. I am now a Mature Woman of Wisdom (age) with three adult children, two daughters, and one son and am also the proud grandmother of six grandchildren.
I now have the honor to serve GFS again as Director of Service and Program. GFS has been a part of my life and the values I learned as a GFSer has governed my life, “Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens” is our Motto is what I live by today. Helping one person at a time in any little way I can. GFS has taught me that as long as I have faith in God, anything and everything is possible through Christ. This you learn in a faith-based community such as the Girls’ Friendly Society