IMG_3774Pentecost is sometimes called the birthday of the church because it is the day that the Holy Spirit came down on the disciples and gave them the strength to go out an spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world. Pentecost occurs 50 days after Easter. What a good time to remember that wonderful feeling of Easter morning.

IMG_3776Our GFS branch in Costa Mesa has a little tradition to make Pentecost fun and memorable. The girls make 4 birthday cakes – one for each season. Remember, that is Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. A table is decorated for each season and the cake is ready to serve.

IMG_3775We ask the parishioners to come get a piece of cake for the season they were born in. For example, my birthday is in February, so I go to the Winter table. This all makes for a very festive coffee hour after the service, allows the girls to show their individuality through their cake decorations, and also serves as a great mixer. I get to meet other parishioners who were born in the Winter and we have something to chat about.

IMG_3778Try this yourself – it is great fun!