There is a new process to participate in World Council. There are only 60 openings for attendees from the United States – so you will need a letter of approval from Lois Frankforter as GFSUSA President before you can actually register.
The dates for World Council are 11 July 2017 to 21 July 2017.  People will need to arrive by midday on Tuesday 11th July and will finish with worship and breakfast on Friday 21 July.   The Closing Service and Dinner is on the night of Thursday 20 July. The  Conference Centre where World Council is being held next year has a new name and a new web page. It is now Swan Valley Adventure Centre .  The web page is . Please note that no correspondence should be directed to the Swan Valley Adventure Centre.  However by looking at the web page you will have some idea of the accommodation and venue.
All enquiries regarding World Council matters should be sent to Lois Frankforter first at If she does not have the answer she will forward your enquiry to Val Gribble, GFS-World President.
Step 1 –Determination of how many individuals want to attend:
If you are interested in attending WC 2017, please email (see above) or call Lois Frankforter (203-671-3045) as soon as possible. Please indicate the likelihood of your attending (Certain, Probable, Possibly).  She needs to quickly determine if there are more than 60 who want to attend. This is just the first step so if you want to attend but are not sure , it is better to respond.
Step 2 – Preapproval
Once you are certain that you want to register, please complete the Pre-Approval Questionnaire  which will download to your computer and return it to Lois (email above). You must obtain a signed Letter of Approval from Lois Frankforter before you register with GFS-Australia. She will start issuing approval letters on October 1, 2016 on a first come basis until the 60 openings are filled. So return your Pre-approval Questionnaire as soon as possible.
Step 3 – Registration & Deposit
Once you have received your approval letter you can register online or paper form via mail. Follow the instructions on the attached Information Sheet. Please note the refund policy regarding cancellations. Once you have registered and made your deposit, please provide Lois Frankforter (email above) with a copy of your registration form so that she will have an accurate record of all who have registered.
Step 4 – Travel Insurance:
Everyone who registers must obtain travel insurance that includes medical coverage outside the United States. Please provide me with a copy of your travel insurance contract.
Step 5 – Travel Form:
Once you have registered you will be sent a Travel Form to complete when you have made your travel arrangements. Please provide me with a copy of this form.
Step 6 – Visa:
All individuals will need to obtain Visas. Information on how to obtain a visa will be sent later.
Step 7 – Medical Form:
See the Info sheet for instructions on providing medical information.
 Please contact Lois Frankforter (email above) if you have any questions about World Council or the registration process.

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