Worldwide GFS activities provide girls with an opportunity to relate to girls around the world and to fulfill our motto: “Bear ye One Another’s Burdens”.


GFS World Day of Prayer

The GFS World Day of Prayer is celebrated around the world on September 29, or on a nearby date.  GFS-USA requires that all branches celebrate the World Day of Prayer. Each year, a new service is written by a member country and shared with all countries.

Donations collected for the World Project should be forwarded to the GFS-USA Treasurer.

GFS World Project

The GFS World Project in Japan supports the needs of the survivors of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The task is so overwhelming that they find themselves praying for guidance every step of the way. GFS-Japan has responded to this complicated disaster by providing sewing supplies where there is a critical need, helping to market the resulting handiwork, and supporting the monthly Tsukishima Kids’ Day with refreshment and activities.

More information can be found on the World GFS website or on the dedicated Facebook Page.  To contribute to any GFS World Project contact the GFS-USA Treasurer.

World Project Sewing Machines