Items on this page can be purchased by printing and completing the supply order form and mailing with a check to the Supply Chairman of GFS-USA. Questions about the merchandise can also be directed to the Supply Chairman.

Junior Pin

The junior pin is for junior members and intermediate members, age 5 to 13. Cost is $3.00 each.

Senior Pin

The senior pin is for members age 14 thru 21. $6 each.

Leader Pin

Leader pin. Cost is $2 each.

Post Earrings

Post earrings. Sterling silver. Cost is $50.00 a pair.

Dangly Earrings

Dangle earrings. Sterling silver. Cost is $75.00 a pair.

GFS Pendant

GFS Pendant. Sterling silver, no chain. Cost is $50.

GFS Ring

GFS ring. Sterling silver. $50 each. Obtain your ring size by visiting a local jeweler or use a ring key.

Silk Scarf

Silk scarf with GFS graphics. 13″ x 57″. Cost is $20 each.

Cloth Emblem

GFS cloth emblem. $1 each.

GFS Prayer Card

Laminated GFS prayer card. Perfect for your wallet. $0.50 each.

GFS Membership Card

Membership card. $0.25 each.

Scarf with stars

GFS scarf with stars.  24″ x 70″. $20 each.


Travel umbrella. $20 each.


Messenger bag. $15 each.


Back pack. $10 each.

GFS Polo

Polo with GFS emblem in light blue. 65 polyester/35 cotton – soft combed. Adult sizes Small to XXXL. $25 each.

Lounge pants

Lounge pants. 100% cotton flannel – pre-shrunk. All sizes available.  $27 each.

Navy Jacket

Wind shirt. 100% polyester. Only XXL. $75.

flower blue clipart
flower blue clipart
Water Bottle

Water bottle. $3 each.

GFS Flier

GFS flier – contact information can be customized. Contact to order.